Chief's Corner


Smoke detectors. These simple dependable devices work and work exceptionally well, but only if we help them do their job.  If you only do one thing around the house this fall, check yours.

Fire safety doesn’t have to be hard.  This is simple.  Don't put it off until tomorrow.

Inspect your detector’s battery.  Replace it if it’s alkaline or heavy-duty.  Most new detectors have a special 10-year lithium battery.  Make sure it isn’t expired.  On all units, press the test button to make sure it alerts.  Replace your detector if it's more than 10 years old.

Smoke detectors serve an important function; waking sleeping people so that they may safely get away from fire and smoke.  Smoke is actually more dangerous than the fire.  Most victims succumb indirectly from fires a result of smoke inhalation rather than from burns.  This is why a functioning smoke detector is vital in all homes.  

We all have excuses.  Maybe the detector is ugly to look at. Maybe it alerts when you're cooking.  Maybe it seems foolish and expensive to replace every 10 years.  Maybe tonight while you’re asleep you'll have a fire and need to rely on a smoke detector.  

If you've taken a detector down; put it back up.  If it needs a new battery; get one.  If it's old; replace it.  Don't procrastinate or feel wasteful.  Check it today.  Nobody is safe sleeping in a house without functioning smoke detectors near all bedrooms and the kitchen.

Do whatever it takes.  Add it to your to-do list, have your phone nag you, place a note on the bathroom mirror as a reminder.  Don't procrastinate. Get it done.  Lives depend on that detector!

Once you’re done, rest easy till next fall.  Sleep soundly knowing you’ve done your part to be fire safe.    

Jon Galis
September 2019