CPR-Autopulse Machine

CPR - Autopulse MachineThe Jacksonville Fire Department has received a new tool to assist them in responding to life threatening medical emergencies.  Through efforts of a Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser & some generous donations, Jacksonville Engine Company #1 was able to purchase a "state of the art", Zoll Autopulse CPR Machine.  

An Autopulse CPR Machine functions essentially as a 3rd person, performing compressions continuously  This tool enables EMTs and Paramedics to perform advanced lifesaving intervention and administer "advanced life support" medications to increase a patient's survival. These procedures include: establishing airways, IVs & IOs (administering medications to excite the heart and reverse electrolyte imbalance, fluids), oxygen and other medications.

The benefits of an Autopulse CPR Machine, are the administration of higher efficiency CPR compressions.  It transmits more uniform compressions of the correct depth & rate, and is "tireless". The machine enables continuous operation from the scene, through transfer and transportation. Survival rate has shown to increase by as much as 3.6% 

This amazing acquisition came with a sizeable price tag, which was not included in the current Fire Department Budget.  One of our new firefighters, through Jacksonville Engine Co. #1, (a long standing fire department support group), put together a fundraiser to purchase this specialized tool.  Jacksonville's "Odd Fellows" once again came to the aid of Engine Co. #1.  Together with the help of several local businesses they furnished the food and raffle prizes for the Spaghetti Dinner event. 

$7500 were raised, including two substantial anonymous donors.  Zoll Medical Corp. recognized our small community's "grass root" passion.  A helpful reduction in cost on their part enabled Jacksonville Engine Co. #1 to make the purchase.  

The Jacksonville Fire Department and Engine Company #1 are thankful for Firefighter Josh Bowden's vision, research and effort in organizing the fundraiser.  A Heartfelt Thank You to the Jacksonville Community, and its valued Businesses.